Black day for favourites, but war of the roses provided colour

At least partygoers reeling out of the main gates were feeling no pain after Rosehill’s Black Saturday for favourites – unless they were involved in the all-in brawl that erupted after the last race.

“It was a terrible fight,” commented one Australian Turf Club member who had a ringside seat from a nearby bus. There was plenty of enthusiasm but very little skill among the 10 participants including one female. Should there be a return bout, she would start favourite.

Blooming disgrace: A woman hits two brawlers with a bunch of roses.Credit:Getty

The lone security guard and acting referee appeared to be handling the situation with kid gloves, or a ‘let bolting horses bolt’ philosophy until the relieving cavalry arrived – seemingly with as little haste as hotpots hitting the finish earlier on track.

On a personal note, there was much to like about the occasion –  particularly the young choristers, girls who sang carols with gusto and moved stylishly, really emitting the Christmas Spirit.


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