Melbourne pizza maker workers lodge underpayments claim

A group of former workers for one of Australia’s biggest pizza suppliers to Coles, Woolworths and IGA will lodge a claim in the Federal Court alleging they have been underpaid a total of about $1 million.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will lodge the claim on Wednesday on behalf of the United Workers Union alleging 21 former Della Rosa workers were each underpaid amounts of up to $66,539.20.

Roohullah Mansoori is one of 21 former employees taking legal action against Della Rosa.Credit:Joe Armao

Susie Allison, UWU director of food and beverage, says the predominantly Indian and Afghani workers in the Melbourne factory were paid a flat rate even if they worked a 12-hour overnight shift.

“Alongside the systemic underpayment of legal minimums uncovered in this case, the workers also
alleged that they have been subject to racism and harassment in the factory. These workers were not only underpaid – they were bullied, harassed, and overworked.


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