Channing Tatum takes a dig at Christopher Pyne’s accent on The Project

Appearing on the show to discuss his Magic Mike Live Australian tour announcement, the 21 Jump Street star was left confused by Pyne’s comment that Waleed Aly could “still get a guernsey” to appear in the show, misunderstanding the colloquial phrase completely.

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“Are any of the stars Australians?,” Pyne asked of the all-male strip show cast coming to Australia next May.

“I think we have out of 15 dancers, I think we have 10 Aussies,” Tatum replied, to which Pyne commented: “Waleed could still get a guernsey?”

Christopher Pyne’s joke was completely lost on the star. Picture: Channel 10.Source:Channel 10

“He could. A guernsey. You can have as many guernseys as you want,” Tatum responded, imitating Pyne’s pronunciation of the word.

“Do you know what it is?,” Tommy Little probed, to which the star said with a laugh “No idea,” prompting Little to joke that it was “arseless underwear”.

It's safe to say Channing Tatum still doesn't have a clue what a guernsey is. Picture: Channel 10.

It’s safe to say Channing Tatum still doesn’t have a clue what a guernsey is. Picture: Channel 10.Source:Channel 10

Elsewhere in the lighthearted interview, Little seemed to confuse the star further with an unusual question about stuffing bread down your pants.

“A friend of mine who is an underwear model puts bread down there,” Little claimed.

“Why food?,” Tatum asked.

“He it out so there’s no unsightly bumps,” he clarified, going on to ask Tatum whether he stuffed his underwear during his stripping career.

Tommy and Channing share stripping tips (The Project)

Tommy and Channing share stripping tips (The Project)

On The Project, Tommy Little and Channing Tatum share stripping tips.

“In your stripping career, did you put something so there was no unsightly bumps? Did you stack the jocks?,” the comedian asked, fascinated.

“This is what it was. No. This is what it was,” the star answered, looking bemused by the question.

“God, I wish I could fill out jocks,” Little – who is prone to joking about the size of his manhood, concluded.

The Magic Mike actor is currently in Australia plugging the upcoming tour of Magic Mike Live announced Tuesday.

Tatum revealed the all-male strip shows based on his hit films will head our way in May during a media conference at Melbourne’s Plaza Ballroom.

During his appearance – complete with a raunchy group dance number to introduce the star to the stage – he said the shows would “blow our minds”.

It will tour Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth next year.

Dates and ticket prices for all Australian shows are available from or 1300 795 267.

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