Croft’s game smarts could be key for Milford’s return to form

“It’s a prestigious jersey in a prestigious club and a massive opportunity. I’m extremely honoured to even be spoken about as a possibility to play in that position at the Broncos.

“We watched a little film this morning before we went out and trained, a few of the greats spoke. I got a few little goosebumps watching that and it gave me something to strive towards. I want to honour this club and do it proud.”

Croft found himself being swapped in and out of the Storm side last season but has no serious competition for the No.7 jersey in Brisbane. Part of his obvious appeal is that he could unlock a return to form for Anthony Milford, who will be back at five-eighth after a stint at fullback last season.

Croft says he feels ‘extremely honoured’ to direct traffic for the Broncos next year.Credit:AAP

The blowtorch has been applied to Milford for the 2020 season as Seibold wants more impact more often from a man who soaks up a sizeable portion of the salary cap. If Croft can be the one to plot the course up the park, that could be the key for Milford to find his attacking zest once more.

“I like to think of myself as a good team manager. I’ll organise and talk and communicate and let him do his thing … he’s a freak of a player. He offers so much X-factor and I’m hoping our games can compliment each other,” Croft said.


“I’m really looking forward to leading this team around. Any time you are a halfback you have the pressure of some leadership, whether you are part of the leadership group or not. That (pressure) comes anywhere, I guess. But it’s a great group of players.”

Croft came out of the best system in the NRL at the Storm but will get more opportunity for regular game time at the Broncos, which in turn could fast-track his development as he gets to really take charge of a side.

He did that at times in Melbourne but with Cameron Smith such a dominant voice strategically, there was only going to be one man calling the shots during a game.

It wasn’t a hard sell to entice Croft to the Broncos, although he spoke glowingly of his time in Melbourne and the lessons he learned as a professional athlete and a young man. But given the immense firepower now contained in a Broncos pack boasting Payne Haas and David Fifita, most halfbacks would have jumped at the opportunity to play off their back.

“It’s oozing with talent, this team. The forward pack speaks for itself. They did a lot of good things this last year and it’s only going up for 2020. It’s a huge opportunity,” Croft said.

“You put a bit of pressure on yourself but I like that accountability. The onus is on me to control the team and lead them around.”

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