Bushfire survivor pickets Parliament over inaction on climate change

“It’s happening now and this is what climate change looks like,” Ms Plesman said.

“I’m losing my home, whole communities are losing their homes … and the Prime Minister said we’re not allowed to talk about it.”

“He said he was going to pray for us. And that was the last straw.”

But she also criticised Labor for not wanting to discuss the link between climate change and bushfires.

“That is what is absolutely terrible. We’ve got no leadership, we’ve got no discussion, we’ve got no debate, we’ve got nothing,” she said.

“We need a bipartisan approach. I completely understand that the Labor party are absent in this as well.”

Ms Plesman is now living in a motel room and says she doesnt’ know what the future holds for her.

She wants the Prime Minister to set a price on carbon, phase out native forest logging, immediately shift Australia towards renewables and stop mining coal.

“I think it’s the job of the prime minister, to bring us together and lead us forward. That’s his job,” she said.

Amongst the scorched remains her beloved home was a sheet of corrugated iron with “Morrison, your climate crisis destroyed my home” painted on it.

“He’s not acting,” Ms Plesman said.

In the context of bushfires ravaging Australia, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Morrison’s office previously said: “The government is taking action on climate change, we are meeting our commitments and our Climate Solutions Package outlines to the last tonne how we will meet our targets.”

AAP with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

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