Fowler backs boutique stadium for Brisbane

While the 9387 attendance was lower than the Victory crowd, the packed stands at the 10,000-capacity venue provided an atmosphere which Fowler believed helped lift his team to the comeback win.

Almost 10,000 squeezed into Dolphin Stadium at Redcliffe to see the Roar play Melbourne City.Credit:Jono Searle/Getty Images

“Obviously the structure of Brisbane Roar as a club, we are a team that fundamentally plays out of Suncorp,” Fowler said.

“Ideally, it’s not probably spot on.

“I think it was proven the other weekend against Melbourne just how good that little boutique stadium is.

“The overall general game, was a lot better because of the atmosphere.”


Since the start of the 2017-18 season Brisbane have managed a 15,000-plus crowd at Suncorp just once with 15,129 watching a goalless draw against Wellington in round two last season.

The average A-League attendance at the venue is 13,725 and there has long been a push among football supporters in Brisbane for a smaller boutique venue, such as Parramatta’s Bankwest Stadium, to be built in the city.

The Roar will play two more matches this season in Redcliffe and Fowler admits if he gets his way he would like to see more games in the whole A-League played at smaller venues.

“The A-League has been like this for a number of years now where we have teams playing maybe in stadiums that are too big,” he said.

“I’m all for playing in little stadiums, getting the crowds as big as possible, as noisy as you can. We’ll address that in the coming months and the coming year I think.”


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