Aussie rappers fume after tour cancelled

The group announced the cancellation on social media, suggesting they had been “banned” from playing in their own country.

“Our entire national tour has now been cancelled. Our fans have never caused any issue at our concerts. So why can’t you see us perform?” OneFour said on social media.

“Making and performing music is not a crime. And when they tell you you’ve got to make a better future for yourself why do they want to trap you in your past?”

The band said their sold-out show in Auckland next month will still be going ahead.

The tour cancellation comes days after the group’s Melbourne and Adelaide shows were cancelled, with band saying they were “devastated” by the outcome.

The group announced on Thursday their national tour had been cancelled. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

“We’re devastated that due to issues beyond our control the Adelaide show has now been cancelled. There will be full ticket refunds,” the band said.

“There’s a bigger issue for us is this continues a pattern of concert cancellations which deny us a platform to perform and single out our fan base.

“To be clear there has been no incident at any of our live concerts and why the band would want or allow that to change for our fans does not make any sense.

“Right now our management are trying to sit down with NSW Police to sort this out.”

The group has previously claimed that cancellations of their concerts were the result of police putting pressure on venues, but NSW Police have since rejected these claims.

Police have denied claims by the group they had been putting ‘pressure’ on venues following a recent spate of cancellations. Picture: YouTube

Police have denied claims by the group they had been putting ‘pressure’ on venues following a recent spate of cancellations. Picture: YouTubeSource:YouTube

“The NSW Police Force rejects any assertion of a ‘censorship strategy’ or that officers have been placing improper pressure on venues or promoters to cancel shows,” a police spokesperson told

“While police provide safety and security advice to venues, promoters, and other stakeholders ahead of major events, the decision as to whether or not an event will proceed lies with the relevant venue.

“We have received correspondence from the group’s legal representatives.”

NSW Police said while they do deal with other jurisdictions about law enforcement issues, they haven’t had discussions without other venues outside of the state.

OneFour also claimed that members of the band were told by NSW Police they were banned from attending Wednesday’s ARIA Awards and a local shopping centre.

An exclusion order was reportedly given to the group’s members that stopped them from entering The Star in Sydney where the awards were being held.

OneFour has had a number of their shows cancelled this year due to the group’s alleged links to ongoing conflict between two rival gangs in Sydney’s inner west and greater west.

The band told fans they would “keep moving forward” despite the cancellations.

“Much love to all the people who have stood up and shouted out their support,” the group said.

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