Kennett attacks AFL proposal to slash half-time break in half

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has attacked a reported plan to slash the half-time break at AFL games in half as “stupid” and detrimental to players’ welfare.

The Herald Sun reported on Thursday that the AFL had raised the prospect of cutting the half-time break from 20 minutes to 10 minutes in 2020, as a means of shortening the game, at a meeting with club chief executives before the first round of the AFL draft on Wednesday.

Kennett decried the suggestion as not in the interests of players, or fans, and believed it would not have a beneficial impact on players’ conditions or the quality of the match itself in the second half.

“The AFL have just appointed 2 new mental health and wellbeing officers to address the impact of the game on players. Now suggesting to dramatically reduce the half time break to 10 min. What are they thinking? Who do they care about? Certainly not the players welfare. Stupid!” Kennett wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.


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