Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson backs shorter half-time breaks in AFL games, as long as player performance is not affected

“Our whole game goes for far too long. We’ve got 30-32-minute quarters by the time you have time on and all that sort of stuff.

“Our guys are playing 100 minutes thereabouts and in some cases 110-115 every week. It’s unbelievably taxing.”

Hawks midfielder Isaac Smith is also unconcerned by the rumoured changes.

“It would have more of an impact on the coaches,” Smith told RSN.

“As a player it doesn’t worry me.”


Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin also supports the idea.

‘‘I’m OK with it,’’ he told SEN. ‘‘If you look around the world in terms of the game, our game is incredibly long.

‘‘Ten less minutes for me is not going to affect the way we coach.’’

The proposed change would see the current break cut in half, and would also include the reduction of quarter-time breaks to six minutes.

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