Labor pushing to make political parties disclose donations over $1000

Labor will test that assurance with a bill to require parties to disclose donations within seven days.


Existing rules allow parties and donors to report their payments and receipts to the Australian Electoral Commission every October for disclosure on the Australian Electoral Commission website the following February.

“Political parties need to set aside their partisan views in order to ensure sovereignty is safeguarded through party processes as well as through parliamentary processes, and I’d encourage the Liberal Party to do just that,” Senator Wong told the ABC.

“It’s unfortunate that on some of these transparency issues, which are about ensuring the integrity of our democracy, have been resisted by the Coalition.”

Labor shadow special minister of state Don Farrell will bring forward a bill that will also reduce parties to disclose any donation worth more than $1000 compared to the existing threshold of $14,000.

Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer WestacottCredit:AAP

Ms Westacott said companies were exposed to the threat of intellectual property theft and cyber attacks from foreign powers.

“I don’t know a single corporation that isn’t doing an enormous amount of work here, but they know that as soon as they fix one problem, the people on the other side of this, who are very organised, will come with another attack,” she said.

“And we have to, as a country, face up to that – we can’t deny it. There is no sector of the economy that is immune from that.


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