Before and after pics from Russell Crowe’s property reveal the true scale of fire damage

The Hollywood star has been back at his property at Nana Glen in New South Wales this week, attempting to get across roads that are covered in fallen trees.

Crowe has been documenting the damage in videos posted to his Twitter account but new aerial photos show the true scale of damage from bushfires that have ravaged the region in recent weeks.

Before and after: The cathedral received some damage.Source:Supplied

Before the property was lush and green.

Before the property was lush and green.Source:Supplied

Now it is brown and fire damaged.

Now it is brown and fire damaged.Source:Supplied

Crowe this week shared how his property had been “absolutely f***ing smashed” from the bushfires.

The actor owns 400 hectares of land around Nana Glen, inland and northwest of Coffs Harbour.

“So we’re up here trying to get up to this ridge road but we keep coming across things like that,” he said in a video.

“So I’ve got a few boys behind me chopping through with a chainsaw, but I don’t think we brought enough chainsaws because we’ve got a long way to go to get to where we’re supposed to be.

“Look at this place, mate,” he showed his friend.

“Absolutely f***ing smashed.”

Before and after on Crowe’s property.

Before and after on Crowe’s property.Source:Supplied

The fire has charred the property.

The fire has charred the property.Source:Supplied

The latest videos Crowe has posted have been created by a friend.

“A strange night,” he wrote along the clip.

“They said rain was coming, but by the time it got here the wind was so furious, what little rain was falling, was whipping past us horizontally. Not even enough rain spots to wash the dust from my ATV (quad bike ).”

He also said they didn’t make the summit again, which they planned to reach last night, after dozens of trees were left strewn across the road.

“So many trees down. Sometimes 6 or 10 in less than 100 metres,” he said.

“New chainsaw required.

Smoke filling the horizon and choppers back in the air.

“33C and the wind is picking up. Stay safe.”

Crowe’s property also appears to be dry from the drought.

Crowe’s property also appears to be dry from the drought.Source:Supplied

Yesterday Crowe shared videos of trees still on fire.

“When we first came across this it was smoking but not burning,” he wrote on Twitter.

“As we were cutting other things back around it, the flames just popped up again.”

Fans said the scene was “heartbreaking”.

Almost 130 bush and grass fires are currently burning around NSW after widespread thunderstorms sparked blazes across the state.

The Rural Fire Service NSW on Wednesday said 129 fires were burning in NSW, with 66 uncontained and more than 1800 firefighters in the field.

The Bureau of Meteorology said thunderstorms which hit Sydney on Tuesday afternoon and the state’s northeast in the evening had produced large hailstones and damaging winds, while lightning also sparked fires.

Building impact assessment teams from the RFS continue to investigate damage in fire grounds across the state.

Some 663 homes have been destroyed in bushfires this season and six people have died.


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