Elon Musk’s mistakes not slowing down Tesla

For one of the world’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, Elon Musk has an unparallelled gift for calamity. What’s more, he seems determined to surpass himself with every new gaffe. The hotly-anticipated launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck couldn’t have been more disastrous if he had tried.

The launch of Tesla’s CyberTrucvk didn’t exactly go to plan. Credit:AP

The pick-up’s bizarre, futuristic design prompted a flurry of jokes on social media with observers comparing it to everything from a cross between the Batmobile and a Hummer; a triangle on wheels and Homer Simpson’s station wagon. Several posts pondered whether Musk came up with the idea while smoking marijuana.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a show-stopping attempt to demonstrate live on stage how indestructible the vehicle’s windows are backfired spectacularly when they shattered -not just once but twice. Still, none of it is likely to matter. One commentator has joked that Tesla should be renamed Teflon Motors, because no matter how many cock-ups its founder makes, nothing sticks. Investors don’t seem to care.

If anything, the bad publicity seems to solidify his status among the company’s legion of devoted fans and investors: to them he’s a “maverick”, a “risk-taker”, he doesn’t play by the rules. Musk is the first punk boss.


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