Insider spills on Schoolies drug trade

It’s the week that parents around Australia dread. Thousands of young school leavers converge on the Gold Coast for a week of partying, drinking and who knows what else. And as if that wasn’t concerning enough, has spoken to a Schoolies attendee who revealed what goes on may be even worse than most parents think.

This Schoolies Diary entry is from Cameron, an 18-year-old who just graduated school in Melbourne. has changed his name to keep his identity secret.

The first two days at Schoolies have been pretty wild.

We have already received two warnings from our hotel and if we get two more we are getting kicked out on the street.

And, unsurprisingly, there are a lot of people selling drugs and even more people on drugs, which we saw a lot of on the second night.

My mates and I arrived at our Surfers Paradise hotel on Saturday after flying from Melbourne to Brisbane and catching the train down.

We are staying at Tiki Village International and before we were even allowed into our room security had to check our bags.

There is no glass allowed in any of the rooms, so they checked for that along with drugs and alcohol for those who are still under 18.

Many Schoolies have been given strict rules to follow in their hotels. This is a copy of the rules given to people staying at Moorings. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

We have three people in our group who are 17 so we decided would just stock up on drinks later to try and avoid any issues.

There are 10 of us spread out across three rooms and when we finally got upstairs we realised most of us would have to be sharing beds.

You would think for $600 each plus $200 each for bond we would get our own beds but apparently not.

I guess we won’t be sleeping that much anyway.

After we dumped our bags we headed down to complete a vital task: buying alcohol.

Our younger friends had to wait behind while we stocked up on drinks for the week ahead.

I got some Smirnoff Ice Double Blacks because they are cheap but also have two standard drinks in each can. My friends got some vodka and a few slabs of beer as well.

Being the responsible adults we are, we also went to Woolies and got a roast chicken, ham, cheese, milk, cereal and a packet of Panadol to nurse our future hangovers.

Hotels have very strict rules about how to behave on the balcony. Picture: Nigel Hallett

Hotels have very strict rules about how to behave on the balcony. Picture: Nigel HallettSource:News Corp Australia

There are a lot of police patrolling the streets of Surfers Paradise. Picture: Jerad Williams

There are a lot of police patrolling the streets of Surfers Paradise. Picture: Jerad WilliamsSource:News Corp Australia

Much of the first night was spent in our room playing drinking games and hanging out with other people in our hotel.

At one point I was out on the balcony and I sat on the rail and the bloody security guard caught me.

That’s when we got our first warning.

Apart from that, the night went smoothly. It was the following night when things really started to get interesting.

We all woke up with sore heads the next morning but we pushed through and on Sunday we went to an all-ages club.

There was no alcohol being served there but we all drank beforehand and I snuck in a flask full of vodka.

A school leaver is searched by police. Picture: Richard Gosling/AAP

A school leaver is searched by police. Picture: Richard Gosling/AAPSource:News Corp Australia

Now, before this next part, let me make it clear I haven’t done any drugs at Schoolies. Before I left my parents gave me the classic “drugs are bad” chat and I have taken their advice.

However, if I was the type of person to do drugs, it would be easy for me to get some.

In the past two days, I have seen multiple people selling drugs.

People either come up to you and ask you if you are looking to buy anything or it is highly likely someone you know will know a dealer.

From what I have heard, the going rate is about $20 for an MDMA cap, which is pretty standard.

A guy I know actually got caught with MDMA by the cops. I am not really sure what happened to him but I know they took it off him.

Revellers getting amongst it at Schoolies. Picture: Richard Gosling/AAP

Revellers getting amongst it at Schoolies. Picture: Richard Gosling/AAPSource:News Corp Australia

After the club, two of the girls we are staying with decided they wanted to keep the party going and thought it would be a good idea to bring back five guys to the room.

Another one of the hotel’s rules is we aren’t allowed to have any guests over after 10pm.

These guys all partied until about 5am and staff at the hotel were not impressed.

When we woke up in the morning we had a message from the hotel staff telling us to come to reception immediately.

That’s when we got our second warning.

If we get two more warnings our whole group will be evicted so we all decided we need to be a lot more careful if we don’t want to spend the rest of the week on the street.

Surely we can last the rest of the week without getting in trouble … right?


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