AFLW stars embrace ‘underdog’ status of Richmond expansion side

Frederick added: “It’s always a challenge. We are both competitors and I am sure the rest of the team would say the same. It’s just nice to be in a different position and go back to the start, where the basics are, and just put in the work for your team and really work hard.

“It is kind of nice being on this side [as underdogs] and hopefully we can get some real results out of it.”

Richmond’s football boss Neil Balme said the club had been enhanced by the injection of fresh faces.

“This is a change, it is different,” Balme said. “It’s silly to say men and women are different but their attitude to footy is different. They’re so positive, so grateful for the opportunity to play.

“We are very excited about it.


“The men have been around forever. And what we all need to do in our specific roles is allow the women to have the advantage of the experience we have had, so they don’t have to learn it all over again.”

Brennan and Frederick said they felt at ease within the club, and that they had everything they needed to improve their football individually, and play well as a team.

“We are not here to make up the numbers, we are here to compete. But just having fun doing so, the Richmond way of playing football is so fun,” Frederick said.

• Meanwhile, Balme said Jack Higgins would be back at training on Friday after recovering from a brain bleed injury.

“He’s virtually back to square one, which is what we were hoping for … He is more than likely to be much more serious after Christmas but we are more than confident that he will get back to the Jack Higgins that we knew,” he said.

“I’d be surprised if he … doesn’t play a hell of a lot of footy next year, if not all the season, that’s what we’re hoping for but there’s no pressure.”

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