Extra-time losers could emerge with a competition point in 2020

Teams that lose in extra time will gain a competition point under a bold proposal the NRL is considering implementing for the 2020 season.

The issue was one of several potential radical changes to the game discussed in a meeting of head coaches on Friday following recommendations from the competition committee. Only half of the 16 clipboard holders attended the think tank to discuss a range of proposals, including the use of an 18th man to cover head-injury assessments, potential tweaks to how and when scrums are packed, the presence of trainers during play and whether kicks should be contested in try-scoring situations.

Melbourne Storm players react to a golden-point loss to the Roosters this year.Credit:NRL Photos

However, the most fundamental change could be a restructure of how points are awarded when teams go into golden point. Presently, the winner takes both competition points, with the loser leaving empty handed despite the teams being deadlocked for the first 80 minutes.

Several alternatives were discussed, including a system that gives the winner of a match in regular time four competition points; three points for a win in extra time; two points each for both teams if they are still deadlocked after an additional 10 minutes; and one point for a loss in golden point.


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