Cricket 2019: Australia v Pakistan first Test

The ICC will launch a trial in India next month giving the television umpire responsibility for calling no-balls in close to real time, the latest effort to solve the issue of bowlers overstepping the mark.

A day after the third umpire Michael Gough’s decision not to take a wicket off Pat Cummins on the first day of the first Test, Pakistan teenager Naseem Shah thought David Warner was his first Test scalp, only for the customary review to find his front foot had landed well beyond the crease.

It was a tough pill to swallow for the 16-year-old, with Warner on 56 at the time, and raised concerns about on-field umpires not calling no-balls themselves, with replays having shown Naseem overstepping the mark earlier in the day. On the Seven coverage, it was reported there were 21 no-balls in total not called before the tea break.

“The thing that really struck home to me was the wicket that we saw fall off the no-ball, the very next delivery the seamer had his whole foot behind the whole line,” former Australia Ricky Ponting said on the Seven commentary. “If he had have been told earlier, maybe he could have adjusted and things might have been different.”


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