Adam Bandt defends Greens rhetoric, says young people are terrified

“People may quibble about the words that are used but I would urge people to have a listen to the point that Jordon was making.”

Mr Bandt also said he did not regret pointing the finger at Mr Morrison over Coalition climate policy, maintaining that Australia’s enthusiasm for coal-fired power was contributing to climate change and exacerbating bushfires. He called on Australia to play an international leadership role on emissions reduction.

Scientific research, including from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, has found climate change to be driving the increased fire danger and lengthened bushfire seasons in Australia.

Coalition MPs have accused the Greens of exploiting an ongoing disaster for political gain, insisting that the focus should be on emergency response while political and policy discussions could wait. In particular, the Greens have been criticised for accusing individuals of complicity in the fires.


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