Is it ever too late to change your career?

It’s easy to think you’re facing, or have already passed, a cut-off point for changing your career.

And unfortunately, for many people, this feeling usually has to do with how senior they are in their
current position. Fortunately, no matter the level of experience, in today’s job market, it’s never
too late to change career.

Changing careers later in life is not out of the question.Credit:Digital image: Philip Burgoyne

We’ve become a lot more open-minded to the possibility of changing careers at mid-career level and beyond, and it’s probably because many of us place more value on being satisfied and inspired by our work than we ever did before. On top of that, opportunities to learn and retrain in new areas of interest are more accessible, so it’s much easier to make a transition.

When thinking about making this change, one of the most important things to consider are motivations and career goals, because these will have an impact on how well you adjust to a new


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