Both sides claim a win after court gives Dapto dogs a clear run

“This has galvanised the greyhound community and we will go through the court process. We want to get our computers back to be able to keep racing going at Dapto.”


The DAHS and GRNSW will return to court on Wednesday for further submissions and orders. Justice Robb also ruled that Carroll must be given access to all the society’s books and records and that both parties must come to an agreement over who should control the DAHS bank accounts.

“I acknowledge that there remains some risk of confused lines of authority and communication, but I will proceed upon the basis that Mr Carroll and the defendants [the DAHS] are adults, and any real dispute that cannot be resolved by using common sense may be brought back to the court,” Justice Robb said in handing down his ruling.

The DAHS also welcomed the ruling and will continued to fight the ability of  GRNSW to appoint an administrator.

“The court recognises the key fundamentals of this case: the society isn’t just about Dapto dogs – it’s a community facility offering much more,” the DAHS said in a statement.

“It’s home of the Dapto Rugby League Football Club, pigeon, poultry and dog clubs, Illawarra Cancer Carers, Learning Links Bingo, Dapto Markets, Aussie night markets, Accelerated training along with numerous other activities.

“The Society is well run, at a profit, despite Dapto Dogs events losing $275,596 in the last financial year.

“We intend to seek final orders from the Supreme Court declaring the appointment of the administrator invalid as soon as possible.”


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