Delisted free agents in limbo as live trading has flow-on effect


The third delisted free agency period opens the day after the national draft on November 29.

Clubs have also continued the practice of delisting players with the promise of re-listing them via the rookie draft, with the Eagles the latest to announce their intention to re-draft players after dropping them off their primary list.

On Tuesday West Coast said they would re-draft Hamish Brayshaw and Brendon Ah Chee at the upcoming drafts if they are still available.

This year players have also taken the initiative with Geelong prepared to allow contracted ruckman Ryan Abbott to try his luck in the market while promising to re-rookie the 28-year-old as the Brisbane Lions have done with ruckman Archie Smith.


Last season five players were signed as delisted free agents with Jordan Murdoch (Gold Coast), Daniel Menzel (Sydney), Jarryd Lyons (Brisbane Lions), Darren Minchington (Hawthorn) and Tom Sheridan (GWS) all finding homes via this method.

This season Sam Gray (Sydney), Kaiden Brand (Sydney), Wylie Buzza (Port Adelaide) and Jack Newnes (Carlton) have been signed as delisted free agents but several including Robertson, Josh Walker, Sam Murray, Hayden Ballantyne, Lachie Henderson, Lukas Webb, Billy Stretch and Connor Menadue are still waiting.

Former Sun Jack Martin has set terms in an attempt to get to Carlton in the pre-season draft while AFL Media reported that former Bomber Michael Hartley also aims to be picked up through the pre-season draft.

Clubs also retain the flexibility to pick players up in the pre-season supplemental period with Melbourne inviting Harley Bennell to train with them as they assess his capacity to recover from a calf injury.

Players training with clubs can play in the pre-season community series games before they are signed, giving teams a chance to look at them before the deadline with 15 players joining clubs in this period ahead of the 2019 season.


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