Broncos boss tips Bali holiday rethink after Fifita episode

White was careful when commenting on the Indonesian justice system but said Fifita’s NRL colleagues would have taken note of both players’ misadventures.

“I think there will be plenty, not just at our club but at other clubs, who will have looked at what happened the last few weeks and reconsider – not so much going to that destination, because plenty of Australians holiday peacefully in Bali without incident – but your choice of where you go while you are over there,” he said.

“David made a poor choice being in that nightclub precinct in that early hour of the morning.

“Sometimes you have got to accept that is where the fault lies.”

The Broncos flew welfare officer Adam Walsh to Bali to assist Fifita, who had been holidaying with teammate Payne Haas.

“I do want to thank people in the rugby league community; plenty of people reached out to our club who knew contacts on the ground and who knew the operation of the systems and how things work over there,” White said.

“Plenty of people reached out and gave us some guidance and even introduced us to people on the ground.

“It was great to have Walshy on the ground because he was able to coordinate those; he’s played a key role in getting David out, and removing him from custody.”

Fifita will now face the consequences of an NRL integrity unit investigation while White said the club would allow that process to unfold before considering any internal sanctions.



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