Ben Fordham has paid tribute to his dad who died yesterday morning

John, whose son is 2GB host Ben Fordham, was the founder of celebrity management business The Fordham Company, which he set up in the late 1970s.

He guided the careers of some of Australia’s biggest stars, many of whom visited John during his last few days in the hospice of Sacred Heart in Sydney.

Andrew Johns, Alan Jones, Mark Taylor and Ian Chappell all dropped in to see John before he passed away at 7am on Sunday.

Andrew Johns visiting John Fordham in his hospice.Source:Instagram

Ben Fordham paid tribute to his dad on Instagram this morning, writing: “My dad has passed away. It was the most peaceful goodbye. We were all there with him and feel blessed.

“What a bloke. When we were growing up, he spent every spare minute playing on the street with all of the neighbourhood kids. He built a business with my mum that set the standard for public relations and personality management. He was a wonderful donor to charity and established the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation.

“As a mate, he was the best. If any of his family or friends or clients were in trouble, he’d go to war. ‘If you grab the tail, you get the whole tiger’ – that was Jack.

Nick Fordham with his dad John.

Nick Fordham with his dad John.Source:Supplied

Ben and John Fordham on John’s 74th birthday.

Ben and John Fordham on John’s 74th birthday.Source:Supplied

“We’re going to miss him but thankfully we took every chance to tell him how much we love him. That’s the trick. No regrets.

“Today, dad is being appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his commitment to charity. RIP John Fordham (AM).”

Ben said his father “accepted” that death was near in his final days, but nevertheless he continued to work from his hospice bed.

“He dictated a really heavy message on Saturday afternoon involving one of his clients in a contract negotiation,” Ben told The Daily Telegraph. “It was very robust, very stern to an employer and he was determined to get it resolved.”

Former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell with John Fordham.

Former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell with John Fordham.Source:News Corp Australia

John is survived by his wife Veronica and his children Ben, Nick and Sarah.

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