RJ Hampton says he won’t be disrespected, Phoenix coach say he should grow up


Hampton was unapologetic post-game and claimed Madgen gave him some physical attention off the ball, which he felt was dirty.

The pair have a history of similar clashes when they faced off during the NBL Blitz in Hobart during pre-season.

“I was running back on defence and number nine, Madgen, he kind of gave me a little shoulder into my back on a screen,” Hampton said.

“I thought it was kinda dirty so I came back, gave him a shove, you can call it a flop if you want to but he fell.

“Roberson came, pushed me, I did the same thing back … and he said something I didn’t like, so I went for him and that was the end of that.”

Hampton said he wouldn’t let anyone “disrespect him”.

RJ Hampton, right, under fire. Credit:Getty Images

“I regret it for my team because I let my team down and should have been in the game. But as far as how I handled myself, I’m not going to let nobody disrespect me,” Hampton said.

“I know the game is physical. I’ve played against physical people. Andrew Bogut is physical. Casper Ware is physical. But I think there is a difference between being physical and being dirty.”

Phoenix coach Simon Mitchell wouldn’t stand for having his players called “dirty”.

“The young fella, what did he call it? A dirty play?” Mitchell said.

“He needs to be better than that. It wasn’t dirty. It’s a tough man’s game. A tough person’s game.

“The WNBL sets harder screens [than] that. He’s got to get better at handling that. If that’s the way he is going to react then he’s going to see a lot more of it.

“He’ll be better for it.

“There is a lot of guys in this league who are too quick to lose their feet.

“If they are going to point fingers at blokes, then nup, I won’t have that. Not on our guys.”

Simon Mitchell.

Simon Mitchell. Credit:Getty Images

Breakers director of basketball Dan Shamir said he would speak privately to Hampton about the ejection, which left the team without a recognised point guard as back-up Jarrad Weeks was out injured.

“Today was a day we needed him on the floor for 30 minutes,” Shamir said.

“But with the place our team was at, I don’t think the result would have been any different.”

Mitchell added if Hampton reacted as angrily again then he would face more players testing his patience.

“Ride it, go through it,” Mitchell said.

“I hope Madge did set it up. That’s smart play. But it’s an overreaction. Push through.”

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