Drama behind The Veronicas’ Kyle and Jackie O interview

Rose, who is among Hollywood’s A-list, dated Jess Origliasso from 2016 before the pair abruptly called it quits in early 2018.

During that time, Jess cut ties with her twin sister, Lisa, in a highly publicised feud that rocked one of Australia’s most popular music acts.

In the first episode of their MTV show, Blood is for Life, which is streaming on Foxtel, Jess said she didn’t speak to Lisa for an entire year, while also revealing the toll the relationship took on her.

“After almost 15 years of The Veronicas, there was no discussion, no announcement, it just stopped,” Jess says in a piece to camera.

Jess broke down during a piece to camera discussing her ex.Source:Foxtel

“Lis and I didn’t talk for a year. I was in a relationship that wasn’t good for me. I became isolated. I had nobody anymore, I only had my relationship,” Jess continues, while a news article about her and Rose flashes across the screen.

“I didn’t have my mum or my dad. When it became too much for me, I walked away.”

Jess and Rose’s relationship, which they rekindled after previously dating in 2008, also had an emotional impact on Lisa, who says she became “the enemy”.

“I realised I’d become the enemy in the situation, and I was ultimately … my presence and my love was making it harder for her (Jess).”

Lisa said she was made out to be the “enemy”.

Lisa said she was made out to be the “enemy”.Source:Foxtel

We then see the sisters on their way to an interview with Kyle and Jackie O to debut their new single, Think Of Me, back in March.

It was the first media interview since Jess’ break-up, with the show revealing the singer broke down before going on air and having to be consoled by her sister.

“It’s the first time I’m having to talk to anybody since my break-up, and Kyle’s really known for being a shock jock, I’m just nervous even saying her name might set me off, and I don’t know what I’m going to say and how I’m going to feel,” Jess says to camera.

And the savagery toward Rose only escalated from there.

Jess being consoled before going on air.

Jess being consoled before going on air.Source:Foxtel

The Veronicas during their radio interview.

The Veronicas during their radio interview.Source:Foxtel

“When someone goes through the kind of relationship Jess was in, it’s not like one day you wake up OK and you forget all those different things you were made to feel,” Lisa says in her interview.

We then cut to Jess during her piece to camera, who is tearing up.

“Although I have so many regrets in staying as long as I did, and not standing up for myself, I did the most that I could to love that person the best I could.

“I do so much work on the idea of acceptance and forgiveness, and whatever happens from there is that person’s karma. They will continue to manifest what their life is and I will continue to manifest what is for me.”

The first episode of the show, which runs for half an hour, was largely centred around the impact Rose had on The Veronicas’ relationship, which is to be expected given the duo have rarely spoke in-depth about it publicly.

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Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso. Picture: Instagram @jessicaveronica

Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso. Picture: Instagram @jessicaveronicaSource:Instagram

But there is a lot more to like about Blood is for Life, especially for fans.

It is peppered with adorable sisterly moments, one in particular where Jess delivers her sister a coffee every morning because she’s a “monster”. “It’s a piece offering,” she says with a smile.

We see Jess and Lisa back in the studio working on their signature catchy songs, talking about buying a home together, and one goosebumps-inducing scene where they surprise two girls in Sydney who are performing Untouched at their school talent quest, as they sing alongside them.

The series has been touted as their reconnection. A way for viewers to follow the girls on their journey to finding their way back to one another.

And it really does feel like a privilege to be welcomed on board for that ride.

The Veronicas: Blood is for Life airs new episodes every Sunday at 6pm on MTV

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