Tips for jobseekers applying for jobs in another city

The next thing you’ll need to do is think seriously about how you’ll land a job in your new city. Going online to see who’s hiring and the number of jobs available is a great starting point,
but there are also other steps you can take.

For example, once you’ve shortlisted a few potential employers or jobs you’d be interested in, try
giving them a call to find out how they might be able to support your relocation. Reaching out to
explain your background and circumstances could also give you a feel for what each company is like
while also putting yourself on recruiters’ radars.

It might also be worth investigating the possibility of relocating to a new city within your current
company, but your employer will probably expect a compelling reason for your decision to move.

Just saying that you’re bored or need a change of scenery isn’t likely to convince your boss that it’s worth making any organisational changes and covering the costs of your relocation.

Jay Munro, head of career insights at Indeed.

Alternatively, you could consider applying for another internal role elsewhere, eliminating any
concerns around relocating a job function. But if relocation isn’t possible within your company, it
might be time to start applying to other organisations.

Once you’ve got an exciting new job offer, you’ll need to make sure you don’t get tripped up by
some of the things we take for granted. If you have any permits or certifications related to your job, check that they’re recognised in your new city to avoid any eleventh-hour hiccups.

Because being late on your first day isn’t going to give your new employer a good first impression, so it’s important to understand the public transport network or the route you will be taking really well.

Moving to another city is a more extreme version of simply starting a new job because you’ll have to
find out where you fit in at a new organisation, while also building a supportive social network
outside work hours. Taking some time to carefully plan your approach before diving in could
set you up for many successful years in your new city.

This column was produced in commercial partnership with Indeed.


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