New director Mel Jones to juggle media, board roles


“Cricket Australia have very definite and clear guidelines on board papers in meetings,” Jones said.

“Whenever anything on media negotiations and rights come up … my papers will be redacted.

“I don’t want to know about it, to be completely clear. The less I know about that space the easier it becomes to play a straight bat.”

Jones said she had spoken to Taylor, along with with CA chairman Earl Eddings, chief executive Kevin Roberts and Fox, to discuss the challenges of being both a board member and pundit.

“Sometimes, it will be a bit tricky,” Jones said. “I never thought I’d be someone to say no comment. There will be a couple of times you have to do that and from my side of things I’m more than comfortable to excuse myself from those discussions and say I’ll step away.”

CA are yet to prescribe her a portfolio but Jones, who has experience from the grassroots to international level and is still involved in club cricket, wants to be involved in areas other than just just diversity and women in cricket.

“Having that ability to find your voice in a variety of different points, not just ‘she’s the female on the board so she can talk all things women and girls in sport, she’s got a multicultural background so she’s got to speak about multicultural issues’,” Jones, whose father is West Indian, said.

“As much as I am passionate about that, I’d like to get my voice about that as well as a few other areas as well.”

Jones said she would welcome any opportunity to work with the Australian Cricketers’ Association, with whom she is a life member.


Her ties with figures on both sides of the fence leave her well placed to help CA build its relationship with the ACA, which is improving since hitting rock bottom last year after the MOU dispute and the events in South Africa.

“We’re working in the same direction and wanting the same thing but with a slightly different take at times,” Jones said.

“I think that kind of difference is great because it means ideally we’re all getting to the right areas and making sure we’ve covered off everything. Without a doubt that’s certainly a space I’d be more than happy to delve into.”


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