Indigenous players considered walking off in wake of Goodes documentary

‘‘There was a sense of everyone having let down Adam and wanting to make sure they never let down one of their brothers again,’’ Darling said.

‘‘It wasn’t the Indigenous players’ fault in the slightest, but there they were taking a sense of responsibility.

Conversations were being had – ‘we will walk off the field if you do it’.

‘‘Conversations were being had – do we sit down; do we get the players of both sides going up to the sections that are booing and saying ‘we will walk off the field if you do it’.’’

Darling praised the AFL’s support of the film, which was seen by every club before it was publicly broadcast in July.

Goodes was named Australian of the Year in 2014 but Darling said the circumstances surrounding his exit from the game could ‘‘absolutely’’ happen again.


However, he believes the ‘‘glacial change’’ to making Australia a more tolerant society has begun.
‘‘Already you can see the conversation in social media, it’s a very different conversation and the trolls and those being so negative have almost been, not shouted down, but factually controlled down,’’ Darling said.

‘‘I think there will be some direct action from the AFL but, as much as anything, in the stands you’ll get an instant response from people having the courage to tell someone to stop booing.

‘‘Or if someone is booing themselves, they’ll recognise it.’’


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