Iconic Manly beach volleyball event in jeopardy after funding pulled

“To be advised as late as mid-October that the event, scheduled for February 2020, has no budget is extraordinary and will directly impact on the qualification ambitions of our Olympic teams,” said Volleyball Australia president Craig Carracher.

“To be advised now that DNSW support the event but won’t fund it after the event was confirmed as part of the Olympic preparation and qualification program is embarrassing and damaging to Australia.”

Carracher said DNSW had been strong supporters of the event in the past and demanded to know the politics behind the decision, saying he wanted some transparency as to how the event funding was allotted.

“The funding agencies must sort themselves out, must set clear transparent priorities and must be accountable for how they allocate tax payers events funding.

“Australia is seeing enough of the contact sports, football codes and professional sports that command billions of dollars in broadcast fees. Tax payers’ funds should provide opportunities for Australia to enjoy hosting a better diet of sports to watch, enjoy and succeed at,” Carracher said.

A spokesperson for DNSW said there was simply no room in the budget for Volleyfest 2020.

“Destination NSW has supported Vollyfest since 2016 as part of a four-year additional funding commitment made by the NSW Government to the agency in 2015, which has now expired.

“Destination NSW has contracted many other events to drive tourism in NSW over the 2019-20 financial year, and unfortunately the investment requested for Volleyfest cannot be accommodated in this year’s events budget.”


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