Brendan Fevola thrown through wall in heated radio segment

Fevola and his Fox FM breakfast co-hosts Fifi Box and Byron Cooke have spent the week broadcasting from Tokyo with a bunch of their listeners from Melbourne.

The show arranged for former AFL player Fevola to take on a professional sumo wrestler named Jumbo for what was supposed to be two fun matches.

Fev, Fifi and Byron in Japan.Source:Instagram

After letting Fevola win the first match comfortably, Jumbo (who weighed approximately 170kg) stepped up his game for the second match.

After a back-and-forth tussle with the radio host, Jumbo spun Fevola out of the arena and sent him crashing into a wall.

“I didn’t think the Jumbo thought it was going to be serious, just a bit of fun until I put the sumo loincloth on and actually gave it my all,” Fevola told

“I think Jumbo was shocked that I was giving it a proper crack so it got quite heated and there was blood and someone ended up in a wall.”

The match got heated.

The match got heated.Source:Supplied

Fevola left his mark after being thrown into the wall.

Fevola left his mark after being thrown into the wall.Source:Supplied

Discussing the incident on air this morning, Box said to her co-host: “He (Jumbo) realised you were full on in that second round. He went hard!”

Fevola said the wrestling match was good fun and joked, “I felt like I was in Rush Hour!”

You can watch the hilarious battle below:

Fifi, Fev and Byron airs weekdays from 6-9am on 101.9 Fox FM in Melbourne

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