Scott Cam reacts to Block contestants’ heated spray about show

Speaking to two weeks ago, the newlyweds from Cairns said they had stopped watching The Block because they had been portrayed inaccurately on the show and it had affected their mental health.

“We’re getting sick of how they’re editing us as being these big lazy pr**ks who don’t get off their a**e and do a single thing,” Luke told “For some reason they’re just not showing us doing any of the work. We’re just getting painted as these lazy people and we’re bloody sick of it.

Cairns couple Tess and Luke Struber.Source:Supplied

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“We thought this was going to be an amazing, positive experience in our life, but we wish we never went on this bloody thing. We got bullied the whole way through (filming) the show, and now we feel like they’re bullying us on the show as well,” Luke said.

Tess added, “We’re really upset — we’re not coping with it any more. We’re really heartbroken”.

This morning The Block host Scott Cam addressed the couple’s gripes during a radio interview and denied Luke and Tess had been portrayed inaccurately on the reality program.

“Everybody on our show gets shown exactly the way that they are,” Cam told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

In their explosive interview with, the couple also accused The Block producers of setting them up to fail.

“They said to us so many times, ‘There isn’t enough funding to finish this build’,” Tess said. “There were so many things that happened throughout the show that made us go, ‘You don’t want us to finish.’”

The Block contestants Tess and Luke didn't finish their guest bedroom.

The Block contestants Tess and Luke didn’t finish their guest bedroom.Source:Supplied

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But Cam denied that was the case.

“We certainly did not set them up to fail,” he said on Nova today. “We don’t want anyone to fail. We want everyone to finish, we want everyone to make a quid.

“The concept of us saying, ‘OK, let’s make these guys not finish because it will be good for our show’ is just ludicrous! We’d never do that. We’re an organic show. We don’t set things up. We show things exactly how it is.”

Despite their harsh comments about The Block, Cam made it clear on radio he doesn’t hold a grudge against the couple.

“Tess and Luke had a little bit of a rough time there,” he said. “They had a couple of bad weeks and they vented in the press, and that’s fine.”

This season of The Block has been marred by a series of meltdowns including an ugly spat between Cam and contestants Mark and Mitch who accused the host of making homophobic comments.

Mark and Mitch had a big argument with Scott Cam on The Block.

Mark and Mitch had a big argument with Scott Cam on The Block.Source:Channel 9

During an appearance on Today Extra this morning, Cam said he’s hoping next year’s series will be drama free.

“Next year’s going to be happy Block,” he said. “It’s going to be friendly.”

The Gold Logie winner also confessed that this year’s Block property, The Oslo Hotel in St Kilda, was too ambitious for the show.

“We wouldn’t do this scale again,” he said on Today Extra. “We worked that out about week three. We had a meeting and went, ‘Hang on a minute, we might have gone a bit far.’

“These were way too big for everybody, the crew, the cast, the contestants,” he said about the houses. “We’re not going to make it bigger (next year) because this was too big. We’re going to make it smaller but it’s still going to be a massive construction.”

The Block finale airs this Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9

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