Newnes delisted after rejecting Saints’ contract


“In the end, Jack has decided the time is right for a fresh start and we have agreed to delist him. This will allow him the opportunity to join another club as a delisted free agent.

“Jack has been an integral part of the Saints for the past eight years. His character, durability, willingness to play different roles and commitment to driving the standards off the track saw him elevated to the club’s leadership group between 2017-2018.

“He is a life member of the club, highly regarded by his teammates and coaches, and we wish him all the best for the future.”

It’s been a very busy off-season for the Saints with Newnes joining Jack Steven (Geelong), Josh Bruce (Bulldogs), Blake Acres (Fremantle), David Armitage (retired), Billy Longer (delisted), Lewis Pierce (delisted), Sam Rowe (delisted), Bailey Rice (delisted), Brandon White (delisted) and Robbie Young (delisted) as departures from Moorabbin.

Coming back the other way for the Saints are Brad Hill (Fremantle), Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide), Zak Jones (Sydney), Dougal Howard (Port Adelaide) and Dan Butler (Richmond). They also picked up Jack Mayo from Subiaco in the mid-season rookie draft.

As it stands, the Saints head into next month’s national draft with selections 51 and 82.


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