Inside tip convinces Hughesy not to bid on The Block houses

The comedian, who “mortified” his wife when he bought one of The Block houses in 2017 for $3.067 million, said on the Hughesy and Kate radio show yesterday that he had received several calls from real estate agents this year asking if he would be keen to inspect any of the five houses in St Kilda before they go to auction this Saturday.

But after spending so much a couple of years ago, the Hit Network radio star said he won’t be buying another house this year.

“It’s a big investment though so it’s ridiculous for them to be coming at me again,” Hughesy said on Hughesy and Kate. “They shouldn’t come at me.”

The Block stars Josh and Elyse with Dave Hughes, who bought the house they renovated.Source:Supplied

It’s not only the cost that is putting Hughesy off, but also some feedback he received about the houses from some “colourful” St Kilda locals.

“I was lingering, or loitering some would say, in the back laneway of those Block houses,” Hughesy said on air yesterday.

“A few colourful characters just walked around the corner and this is what they said, ‘Hughesy … Don’t buy these!’ I said, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘Because we hang out the back here all the time … they flood! They flood!’”

The tip from locals came as no surprise to Hughesy’s radio co-host Ed Kavalee who is filling in for Kate Langbroek.

“I’m watching The Block and I cannot believe they put this to air,” Kavalee said about Tuesday night’s episode. “It starts raining and then Keith says this: ‘Massive front behind us and I’m really, really worried for all our wet stuff downstairs.’

“They’re doing the paving, they’re doing the carports, they’re basically doing the whole downstairs and it’s starting to rain and you can already see water starting to come through.”

The Block's site foremen Dan Reilly and Keith Schleiger.

The Block’s site foremen Dan Reilly and Keith Schleiger.Source:News Regional Media

Site foreman Keith Schleiger even said during Tuesday’s episode: “Downstairs, right down to the front yards we’ve got wet concrete, wet verandas, the last thing we need is a big downpour. This is The Block’s worst nightmare. We need to cover that glue. If the glue gets wet, it’s game over.”

After hearing the audio from the episode, Hughesy joked: “They’re building houses that can’t handle rain and they’re building those houses in Melbourne.”

The radio hosts’ discussion prompted Luke, who works on The Block, to call into the program to defend the quality of the houses.

“Everything’s been rectified,” Luke said. “We’ve actually put drains in, nice stainless steel drains in the garages so when water actually goes into the garages it actually doesn’t flood the houses anymore.”

Kavalee replied, “So you are admitting that it does flood, Luke, but there’s just drains there now?”

“But it’s been rectified,” Luke said again.

El'ise and Matt's garage on The Block.

El’ise and Matt’s garage on The Block.Source:Channel 9

The Block houses will go under auction this Saturday and viewers will get to see the outcome on Sunday night’s finale.

NSW couple Andy and Deb were the clear favourites when the five luxury houses of St Kilda’s Oslo were finally thrown open to the public during Wednesday’s penultimate episode of the hit reno series.

And while veteran renovators Mitch and Mark may have been hot favourites all season, with the most number of room reveal wins and the all-important buyers’ jury seal of approval, it seems the public don’t love their ‘party house’ as much as the judges — they placed a distant third.

Andy and Deb are the favourite’s to win The Block on Sunday.

Andy and Deb are the favourite’s to win The Block on Sunday.Source:Supplied

Here’s how the votes ended up after thousands of punters inspected the multimillion-dollar home the couples had been renovating for the past 14 weeks:

5th place: El’ise and Matt – 761 votes

4th place: Jesse and Mel – 788 votes

3rd place: Mitch and Mark — 811 votes

2nd place: Tess and Luke — 959 votes

1st place: Andy and Deb — 1292 votes

The Block finale airs this Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9

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