Ikea fans have gone nuts for their new collection

People lined up earlier than 5am to be first in line when the doors opened to get the highly awaited Markerad collection.

Shoppers shared photos camped out on chairs outside of stores, with “hundreds” waiting at the Tempe store in Sydney.

The limited-edition collection is a collaboration with American fashion designer and artist Virgil Abloh and features 15 statement products.

It’s a short-term collection with extremely limited stock that has been generating excitement around the world since the start of its journey in 2017.

People line up at Ikea from 5am to get their hands on its new range.Source:Supplied

One of the items in the new collection.

One of the items in the new collection.Source:Supplied

“After two years of anticipation we’re excited to finally welcome Markerad into our stores,” said spokesman Ryan Burman.

“There are extremely high expectations for this collection and we don’t expect it to be around for long so we encourage everyone to head down to their local Ikea store.”

Markerad follows on from the success of Abloh’s “Keep off” rug, designed for Ikea Art

Event 2019.

The rug was such a highly-sought after product that consumers were required to

enter a ballot for the chance to purchase one.

“I’m really glad that Markerad is now ready to meet with people and I look forward to see how these everyday objects will enter people’s homes and hopefully add an emotional value to them,” Abloh said.

“Because that has been the ethos of the whole collection. In the same way you might hang a

piece of art work on your wall, art can bleed into objects like a chair, table or rug. That was my initial problem to solve when creating this collection.”

Another quirky rug.

Another quirky rug.Source:Supplied

Markerad is a mix of items that are basic needs when creating a first home.

There is furniture like a table, a chair and a daybed as well as smaller items such as a toolbox, clock and textiles.

Many of the products have multi-functions built into them like the daybed, which serves as a platform for sleeping, working, eating and socialising.

The new range has a purchase limited of one per customer of each article.

“We have been preparing ourselves for the high consumer demand that comes with

Markerad, so we’re looking forward to seeing the excitement as stocks start to hit shelves

around the country,” Mr Burman said.


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