‘I got a little nibble early’: Thomas keeps hopes alive


“It is ajar, but the lack of interest has been underwhelming,” he laughed while talking to SEN on Friday.

“I got a little nibble early, but we’ll just see where that finishes up.”

Thomas fully understood Carlton’s decision to part ways with him, but it was still “very disappointing” for him on a personal level.

“I fully understand it. I’ve been lucky enough to graft out a career that lasted 14 years, so in that sense now reflecting, I’m happy where it all sits, but I thought my footy may have been good enough to keep me going,” the 258-gamer said.


However, Thomas took a philosophical approach to the way his time at Carlton ended.

“To be completely honest I feel like I’ve been on borrowed time for the last couple of years,” Thomas said.

“A few years ago my form wasn’t great, my body wasn’t great either and there was a realistic opportunity that I could’ve been delisted then.

“The club was good enough to put some faith in me. I feel the last couple of seasons I’ve certainly repaid that with, one, what I was able to do on the field but, two, what I was able to do off the field in developing some of the younger kids.

“I don’t think you’re ever ready for it [the end of your career] but in terms of being as ready as you could be I reckon I was probably in that headspace.

“I understand that when you get to 30, 31, 32, which I am now, you’re certainly a lot closer to the end than the start and the reality is at some point it’s going to be curtains.”

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