Ben Fordham will take the rest of the year off to spend time with his dad

After a years-long battle with throat cancer — John Fordham, founder of celebrity management business The Fordham Company — has been informed his fight “won’t be continuing”.

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Sharing the sad news on 2GB’s drive show, son Ben, who regularly appears on the Today show, said he would be taking the rest of the year off to make the most of his dad’s time left.

“Today I’ve got a bit of a challenge on my hands, because my dad, who hasn’t been well for a long time, was told that his fight against throat cancer won’t be continuing,” he told listeners.

“I actually made the decision late yesterday that I’ll be wrapping up the radio show by the end of today or tomorrow and that will be it for the year, so that I can spend some time with dad.”

Sharing that his father had been battling throat cancer for “a couple of years” having beat the disease once before, Fordham said his family was devastated by the development.

“We’ve had to have one of those conversations that a lot of families have had to have, and (I decided) that for the rest of the year I want to spend some time with dad,” he said.

“I don’t know how much time he wants to spend with me because at the moment he just wants to rest, but I told him I’m going to be a bit of a bad smell for the rest of the year,” he joked.

“Dad’s listening this afternoon, so big bad John, we love you mate,” he concluded.

John Fordham, celebrated wine critic and founder of celebrity management business The Fordham Company, has worked with celebrities including Alan Jones, John Lawns, Mark Taylor, Lisa Wilkinson, Andrew Johns, Tracy Grimshaw and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

This year, amid his own health battles, Fordham established a foundation to help find a cure for throat cancer called Head and Neck Foundation.

Earlier this year, John penned an article for The Sunday Telegraph sharing how Billy Joel’s music had helped give him strength through radiotherapy.

“For the 34 radiotherapy sessions … the same sequence of Billy Joel tracks kept my mind focused on getting through the ordeal,” he wrote.

“And each time, when Billy’s signature Piano Man track started, I knew only moments remained before the session would end.”

In 2017, the Fordham family met Billy Joel backstage at a concert in Denver, after Joel’s management heard about the role his music played in helping John through his treatment.

“When I referenced one of his top hits Only The Good Die Young, he smiled and said “man, you’ve just got to hang in there”,” he wrote of the meeting.

In his dad’s honour, Ben played some of John’s favourite songs on his show today.

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