Love Island star caught photoshopping herself into an influencer’s bedroom

Fashion blogger Emma Spiliopoulos was checking out the page of Margarita Smith, who entered the villa in Tuesday night’s episode of the Channel 9 reality show, when she spied the blindingly familiar backdrop.

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The influencer – who has 338,000 followers – shared the awkward finding on her stories, writing “Is it just me but why is one of her selfies photoshopped into my room?”

On close inspection, the doctored photo has blurred spots around the left side of her face, and a telltale divot in her right shoulder.

Awkward is an understatement. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

The crisp-white minimalist bedroom decorated with a hanging swing chair features heavily in Spiliopoulos’ own feed, with the blogger often sharing snaps of her outfits standing in front of the mirror.

Unfortunately for Margarita Smith – who is currently filming Love Island in Fiji with no access to her phone – the team running her account hasn’t picked up on the gaffe yet.

By Wednesday afternoon, the original post had amassed a number of comments pointing out the sloppy photoshop job and viciously mocking the wannabe influencer.

“I have so many questions like why on earth would you photoshop yourself into @em.spiliopoulos room omg,” one person wrote.

Another pointed out in caps lock: “HER SHOULDER LITERALLY HAS A CHUNK OUT OF IT,” while others similarly called it “the worst photoshop they’ve ever seen.”

Smith, an aged care worker from Victoria, entered the Love Island Australia villa this week to an awkward rejection from fan favourite Adam, who said she wasn’t ‘natural’ enough.

Love Island Australia airs tonight at 8.40 on Channel 9

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