Key Liberal figure admits Chinese-language corflutes designed to look like AEC

A key Liberal Party figure has agreed polling day signs in two federal Melbourne seats were meant to give the impression they came from the independent electoral commission.

The Chinese-language corflutes were posted at polling places including in Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s seat of Kooyong and fellow Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s seat of Chisholm on May 18, saying the “correct” way to vote was to put the Liberals first.

The elections of Josh Frydenberg and Gladys Liu are being challenged over these signs that appeared in their electorates.

Failed Kooyong candidate Oliver Yates is challenging Mr Frydenberg’s re- election, and climate campaigner Vanessa Garbett the election of Ms Liu, on the grounds the purple and white corflutes, in colours long-used by the Australian Electoral Commission, were illegal.

“You intended to convey the impression that this was an AEC corflute, didn’t you?” Lisa De Ferrari SC, acting for the challengers, asked former Victorian Liberal Party director Simon Frost in the Federal Court in Melbourne on Wednesday.


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