Fan favourite ‘freaked out’ during Ninja Warrior grand final

Olivia Vivian was the only female competitor to make it through to the grand final for the second year in a row and expectations were high after the former Olympic gymnast breezed through the semi-finals.

In Stage One of the grand final on Sunday night, the 30 remaining ninjas were challenged to successfully complete nine obstacles in just 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian. Picture: David Swift.Source:News Corp Australia

Vivian looked in control as she made it through the first seven obstacles in good time, even playfully poking her tongue out at the crowd during the run.

With 60 seconds still on the clock, Vivian only had the Spider Jump and the Chimney Sweep obstacles to go.

But the enthusiastic crowd was stunned into silence when Vivian jumped awkwardly on the Spider Jump trampoline and fell straight into the water.

Bad start.

Bad start.Source:Channel 9

Bad middle.

Bad middle.Source:Channel 9

Bad finish.

Bad finish.Source:Channel 9

She was sent crashing out the competition and missed out on a chance to claim the $300,000 prize money on offer.

“She freaked out as she was rushing towards that trampoline and then she changed her mind and thought, ‘Can I put it in reverse?’” host Ben Fordham said. “It was too late and she found herself in the water.”

After the fail, Vivian told co-host Freddie Flintoff that she was “heartbroken”, but she dismissed the notion she had extra pressure on her as she was the only female in the Grand Final.

“I don’t feel like I’m just a female in this, I feel like I’m a contender as a ninja,” she said.

The athlete, who has competed on all three seasons of Australian Ninja Warrior, said the show had changed her life.

Ninja Warrior favourite Olivia Vivian crashed out on Sunday night.

Ninja Warrior favourite Olivia Vivian crashed out on Sunday night.Source:Channel 9

“I hope these ninjas getting out here and giving it their all can inspire others to give it a crack, give something new a go because you just don’t know what road it’s going to take you down,” she said.

Just 11 competitors successfully completed the Stage One course and will go on to have a crack at Stage 2 and 3 during Monday night’s finale.

Ashlin Herbert is arguably the favourite to take home the $100,000 which will be awarded to whoever goes the furthest, fastest.

Here’s who made it through to stage two of the grand final.

Here’s who made it through to stage two of the grand final.Source:Channel 9

More grand finalists.

More grand finalists.Source:Channel 9

And who could forget Ryan Solomon.

And who could forget Ryan Solomon.Source:Channel 9

The Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final will air at 7.30pm Monday on Channel 9

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