Alex Fevola has revealed she was ‘angry’ after a humiliating TV interview

The CEO of Runway Room, a chain of four hair and beauty stores with its own cosmetic line, opened up about the upsetting media appearance on Kate Meade’s Women of Influence podcast.

Ms Fevola, whose partner is former AFL star Brendan Fevola, had been working as a photographer and model for years before she met the sportsman.

Alex Fevola is the CEO of Runway Room. Picture: David CairdSource:News Corp Australia

But in 2009 when she agreed to a live TV interview to promote her photography book Snapshot: A Portrait of Success, Ms Fevola was left reeling when the caption on the screen said, “Wag turns photographer”.

“I guess they were insinuating that I was a WAG (wife and girlfriend) that was now trying my luck at becoming a photographer and leveraging my profile from my husband,” Ms Fevola told Women of Influence.

“The insinuation was actually quite belittling and it was almost humiliating. I got off that interview and I just felt so … disillusioned. I just couldn’t believe that it was so blatant the way they pinned me as just being a WAG and trying to portray it as if I’d only just now turned my hand to photography … I was really angry.

Brendan and Alex and their little girl, Tobi Fevola.

Brendan and Alex and their little girl, Tobi Fevola.Source:Supplied

“I’d been a make-up artist and photographer for years — nothing to do with my marriage, nothing to do with my husband’s profile — I had a really successful business before I met him, and it was just insulting,” Fevola said.

The mum-of-four told Meade it was “understandable” she was constantly referred to as a WAG but said it was “frustrating” when her achievements were overlooked.

“People think that’s really all there is to you: You’re a WAG and you’ve just married this sportsman, and that’s what it’s all about,” she said.

“Credibility is what I’ve craved. I’ve craved credibility as an individual, as a businesswoman, as an intelligent person that is capable of having my own career.

“I think sometimes being labelled a WAG gives you a bit of a stigma of not being taken all that seriously when it comes to business.”

Brendan and Alex got married in 2005.

Brendan and Alex got married in 2005.Source:News Corp Australia

Kate Meade hosts the Women of Influence podcast. Picture: Fiona Byrne

Kate Meade hosts the Women of Influence podcast. Picture: Fiona ByrneSource:Supplied

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