Bill Shorten’s dinner dummy spit leaves a sour taste

As far as slights go, it was barely perceptible. But that didn’t stop Shorten getting stuck into PVO about the “cheap shot” in front of the whole table.

The two men were able to bury the hatchet and hug it out later, at least.

Meanwhile, Shorten’s office has raised eyebrows – including in the House of Albo – by continuing to publish missives from his official “Shorten Suite” Twitter account.

Back in the day it was an amusing and often sharp stream of commentary on the Coalition’s foibles. But more than two months since losing the unlosable election, surely it’s time to put the account into retirement.

Especially when the content is suspect. Shorten Suite reported that Boris Johnson‘s ascent to 10 Downing Street had prompted a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen at a function for Coalition staffers held by the Liberal-aligned Menzies Research Centre.

But some royal watchers and Johnson-fans in attendance insist that was just “fake news”.

An uncharacteristically tight-lipped Menzies boss Nick Cater said Johnson’s triumph was “warmly received” by attendees, but the celebration was a Chatham House affair.

Shorten’s former chief of staff Ryan Liddell, who leaves the office permanently this week, swears the tweets aren’t coming from him.

Mr Shorten and his office have been contacted for comment.


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