Andrew Broad says forgiveness more important than self-righteousness

However, Mr Joyce recorded a swing towards him at the May poll, as did his friend, Queensland LNP member for Dawson George Christensen, who was embroiled in controversy after spending more time in the Philippines in a two-year period than he did in Parliament.


Mr Anderson alluded to the latter scandals in a recent speech in London, encouraging voters to get tougher with poorly behaving MPs and saying character and civility in politics were essential to prevent an Australian Trump or Brexit moment.

“It has to be the electorate’s [job to punish bad behaviour] … we need to be people of character and then we can insist that our leaders are people of character and if they’re not we need to be prepared to say ‘well I’m sorry it’s not acceptable, we want someone who is a person of integrity’,” Mr Anderson said.

But Mr Broad said failure and forgiveness were also key to the makings of a good leader and warned against self-righteousness prevailing over compassion and empathy.

“As someone who has made mistakes and received the grace of a supportive family, I believe we must be careful not to be too self-righteous about people in the Parliament,” he said.

“I want people who have tried and failed in aspects of their life.

“Hopefully, when we fail we learn, and that failure transforms into compassion and a greater empathy of others. The question we need to ask is: ‘Have they grown from their mistakes?’ “


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