Tyson Frizell bemused by rumours he’s unhappy at St George Illawarra

McGregor spoke to Frizell’s manager on Friday morning to clear the air.

“Tyson’s manager politely rang me this morning and said that couldn’t be further from the truth,” McGregor said after his club’s loss to Penrith.

“Whenever I am coaching he will be here. He has another year to run on his contract.

“Me and Tyson have been together for 130 games. I have seen him develop from a young man, into a father, into good married life. He is someone who went from being a fringe player now to being the most decorated player in our side, as an Australian player.

“Our relationship goes way back. If you are looking for some fighting there… there is certainly not one between me and him.”

Frizell cut a desolate figure after the Dragons’ season continued to spiral but fronted the media to insist the rumours were unfounded.

“That was the first I’ve heard of it. When it came out yesterday, or the day before. That’s it,” Frizell said.

Frizell is one of the Dragons’ biggest stars.Credit:NRL Photos

“I haven’t heard anything from anyone else or been spoken to or asked for a release.

“I don’t know if people are trying to shop me around on my behalf.

“My manager… we don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know where these rumours have come from. They’re just rumours, at the moment.”

Frizell also made a point of highlighting his strong relationship with McGregor.

“I’ve got a really good relationship with Mary. If I was unhappy with anything or if I was unhappy at the club, he would be the first one I would speak to. He knows that,” Frizell said.

“He has spoken about it and he knows there is nothing to it. I can’t really say much else about it because there is nothing to it.


“It’s not ideal because players end up talking about it. It just comes out at the last minute and you feel like you have to explain to them that these things aren’t true. There’s not much you can do about it.”

Frizell was lost for words when asked to explain how the Dragons could dish up such a poor performance with their season on the line against Penrith.

“Pretty speechless after the performance we dished up today. It’s not what we expect from one another,” he said.

“To toss up a performance like that… especially for our fans who support us all the way. Our season was on the line. To put in a performance like that is very disappointing.”

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