Adrenaline driving Tyson Frizell through injury year from hell

Emergency surgery post match prevented serious damage but Frizell has been wearing a jock strap and protective box since returning to the field.


“Usually when you get smacked in the mouth or you lose a tooth you end up wearing a mouthguard so it’s the same thing for your testicles,” Frizell said. “It’s good for my head, knowing that they’re safe and secure. It’s something I will wear for the rest of the year.”

Unfortunately for Frizell, the excruciating pain of a ruptured testicle was just the start of his season from hell.

Next, Blake Lawrie’s finger caught Frizell in the eye and he was unable to return to the field when the Dragons faced Parramatta in early May.

Three weeks later, Frizell and former teammate Josh Dugan clashed heads in the final match before Brad Fittler picked his team for Origin I, leaving the star forward concussed.

He didn’t take part in contact sessions until the Monday before the series opener but passed the necessary tests and emerged unscathed from that match.

Frizell’s build up to the must win match in Perth was smooth sailing until game day, when he tweaked his neck playing with his son, Axton, hours before kick off. So, what’s the secret to playing through pain?

“It’s tough. You have to wear a brave face going into some games when you do have injuries,” he said. “But there are occasions when you get out there on the field and you tend to not feel too many things.

Tyson Frizell has had an injury filled season.Credit:AAP

“Especially in an Origin arena. It’s good in a way, the adrenaline. It gets rid of some of those bumps. The soreness only really pops up after the game.

“My neck pulled up stiff before game two and that was just a mental thing. It was painful. But I knew as soon as I got out there, I knew the adrenaline would kick in and that’s when the pain goes out the window.

“It was just a matter of getting my head right and getting myself out there.”

Frizell is also mindful that Queensland won’t particularly care for his bumps and bruises when he takes his first hit up on Wednesday night at ANZ Stadium.

“When you’re out there and you’re playing with injuries, no one cares,” he said. “The opposition don’t care. They’re not going to take it easy on you. You’re letting someone down if you’re not giving it your all.”

NSW need Frizell fit and firing as he is pivotal to their success.

His carries on the right edge – where he is likely to line up alongside Mitchell Pearce – always make the Maroons’ defensive line bend and that allows Damien Cook and James Tedesco to wreak havoc with quick, clean ball.

Tyson Frizell and the Blues were up and about in Perth.

Tyson Frizell and the Blues were up and about in Perth.Credit:AAP

“[The Perth win] was all built on us all defending really well and keeping them in their own half,” he said. “We had them kicking from inside their 20 most of the time… which allows those kind of guys to do their thing.

“But that means nothing now. Obviously we had a good win in game two but that all goes out the window in the decider. Both teams have a couple of new faces in the squad and that means nothing if we can’t back it up.”

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