Adam DeVine’s humiliating story about full frontal nude scene

During a call-in Q&A session, the comedian and actor discussed going full frontal in the Netflix action comedy Game Over, Man!, a job requirement that didn’t bother him in the slightest, despite the fact that his entire family would see the movie. “I was fully prepared for them to see my d**k,” DeVine said of the ballsy (pun intended) moment.

When asked what was “the strangest part” about his friends and family seeing his “full-frontal nudity” scene in Game Over, Man!, DeVine didn’t mince his words. “The weird part is, I wrote that movie,” he explained to host Andy Cohen and guest Shep Rose, of Southern Charm fame. “We’d been writing it and rewriting it for five years, so I was fully prepared for them to see my d**k.”

DeVine’s full-frontal moment comes about 30 minutes into the film, when he and his friends (his Workaholics co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson) hatch a plan to save a Los Angeles party from terrorists.

In order to buy some time, DeVine’s character, Alexxx, fakes his death by autoerotic asphyxiation; when two goons bust into the hotel room looking for the men, they see a lifeless Alexxx hanging in the closet with his penis (DeVine’s very own) in his hand.

Adam Devine: Coulda maybe asked his mum to skip that film.Source:Supplied

DeVine (left) with friend Zac Efron. Picture: Instagram

DeVine (left) with friend Zac Efron. Picture: InstagramSource:Supplied

The actor may have been totally cool with everyone seeing his penis, but his mum was not. “The weirdest part was, my mum was sitting right next to me at the premiere, and she — because she was a little uncomfortable — kept creeping up into my ear and being like, ‘This is so good,’” he recalled.

“Like, as my d**k is like, ‘Clack clack clack,’” DeVine continued, motioning his member blowing in the breeze.

“Does your d**k go, ‘Clack clack clack?’” asked Cohen with a laugh. “Yours doesn’t?” replied DeVine. “Okay. We know that about you now.”

DeVine went on to say that his mum whispering into his ear “was probably the weirdest part” of the entire situation, which is fair. But at the very least, it makes for a pretty good story.

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