Impromptu post-traning speech reminds NSW Blues why Boyd Cordner is the boss

“We’ve got a good bunch of guys here, I wanted to pass on what a good session it had been, but how we had the day off tomorrow, and the best thing for us to do now is stay calm and relaxed and get away from footy,” Cordner said.

“It’s so easy to get carried away thinking about the game – with a few new faces here it’s easy to think about what is coming up. There’s still a long time to kick-off.”

Cordner suggested Maloney would never stay quiet and often carried on as if he was the skipper.

“But Jimmy is back in this side for a reason; he’s been around a long time now and the confidence he has in the side and his calm demeanour, it’s so valuable to us,” Cordner said.

Cordner said the shortened preparation in the west had been no better than the lead-up to game one, but ”our mindset is do or die”.

More known for being someone who leads by actions rather than words, Cordner has never been one to work out what and when he addresses the group. Fittler has always been a fan of Cordner and was hardly surprised by the post-session speech.

“He’s such a likeable bloke and the effort he puts in brings that instant respect,” Fittler said. “The whole captaincy thing he’s still working on. But he’s still surprisingly so young.”

Knowles said of Cordner and Maloney’s involvement: “When Boyd does decide to speak it always means something, and it’s the same with Jimmy. I know he talks all the time around camp, but when he talks footy, the boys listen because he has so much experience.”


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