Blues star working ferries alongside biggest supporter

She quit her job last year to be able to train for NSW in the lead-up to the inaugural women’s State of Origin clash, but now Maddie Studdon spends her working life with her mum on the ferries.

The former Blues captain was a lightning rod for debate over the semi-professional status of the game’s biggest female stars after losing her job as a truck driver, but is now content juggling her new role before her latest NSW appearance.

New job: NSW halfback Maddie Studdon with her mum Joanne working for Harbour City Ferries.

Her days are usually spent dealing with tourists and commuters at Circular Quay, now an employee of Sydney Harbour Ferries. And it comes with working 12-hour shifts alongside her mum Joanne, a far cry from driving trucks at the Port Botany wharves.

“Now I do have a job and I’m loving it,” Studdon said. “I’m at Circular Quay on Sydney Harbour Ferries. They’re really good to my time off for sporting events and I love being with the public from throwing the ropes and tying the boat off. It’s a great backdrop. I’m very lucky to have a good opportunity and I won’t have to resign before Origin.


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