MAFS star’s vulgar spray at co-star: ‘Soft c**k’

The 27-year-old, who hasn’t shied away from courting controversy during and after her stint on the reality TV show, targeted Billy Vincent during a Q&A session on Instagram.

Responding to a direct question from a fan about who deserved “the biggest soft c**k” title on the most recent season of MAFS, Jessika paused only for a second before declaring: “I shouldn’t be saying this but I’m going to because that’s just what I do … Billy 100%! That guy was a b**ch on the show.”

Jessika put a filter over her face during the Instagram Live session.Source:Instagram

Billy was paired with Susie Bradley on the show. Picture: Justin Lloyd

Billy was paired with Susie Bradley on the show. Picture: Justin LloydSource:News Corp Australia

When asked to “please elaborate” by another follower, Jessika replied: “How am I really supposed to elaborate, like you all see him, did you all see him? Because I know I see him.

“OK, maybe Susie was a little too much for him to handle but that guy was a b**ch. B**ch! Like, where are your balls?”

Ironically, moments before her spray at Billy, Jessika had been asked to weigh in on allegations that her former co-star Cyrell Paule was recently targeted in a verbal attack and called a “black monkey”.

“It was the one time that I actually felt sorry for (Cyrell) … It’s not OK to call people names,” she said firmly.

It didn’t take long for Billy himself to return fire, responding to Jessika’s insult through his own Instagram page.

“Jessika. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” he said in a video.

“Fair enough I was a bit of a soft c**k on MAFS, but lucky enough because you would have tried to f**k me.”

During her Q&A session, Jessika was also asked to name the “most annoying” person on MAFS and chose Sam Ball, who infamously cheated on “wife” Elizabeth Sobinoff with Ines Basic and then decided he wasn’t keen on either of them.

“His constant excuses, you didn’t like Ines, you didn’t like Elizabeth, no one cares. Stop making excuses, stop f***ing lying,” Jessika ranted.

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