Accused pregnant woman basher faces court

Olivier Mahe, 28, appeared by video link from the mental health unit of Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre wearing prison greens.

She is charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Her hair piled in a top knot, Ms Mahe sat with her hands in the pockets of her tracksuit pants, chewing on her lip and her eyes circling the video booth as Magistrate Robert Williams held a brief hearing.

The court heard Ms Mahe may enter a plea in two weeks’ time after a report by NSW Justice Health has been made.

Ms Mahe, who comes from Mt Druitt, allegedly attacked the pregnant woman who was on her way to work on the morning of May 28.

At the time of the assault, which was caught on CCTV, the alleged victim was suddenly punched in the head as she passed.

The pregnant woman was allegedly repeatedly punched in the head. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:AAP

The alleged attacker has fronted court. Picture: NSW Police

The alleged attacker has fronted court. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:Supplied

The CCTV appears to show the 26-year-old alleged victim walking down Wentworth Avenue in the inner city Sydney suburb of Surry Hills at 8.50am on May 28 when a woman leaps out at her from an alcove.

Wearing a short, black dress, her dark hair in a top knot, the accused assailant allegedly grabs the 30-weeks pregnant victim, raises her fist and bashes the woman in the head.

The CCTV footage appears to show the accused knocking off the woman’s hat, pulling her hair and ramming her into a power pole before a passer-by in a black tracksuit intervenes.

The video shows the alleged victim clutching her stomach and falling onto the roadside before she is helped to safety by the passer-by who tries to wrestle her away from the accused.

The man in the black tracksuit grabs the alleged victim, but the 28-year-old accused continues to wrangle with the pregnant woman until another man intervenes.

The second man, wearing a purple top and black shorts, grabs the alleged attacker’s arm, pulls on it, says something to her and the accused pulls her arm back and walks away.

She crosses back to the other side of the footpath, but then appears to throw an arm out towards the victim, yells something and crosses back over to where the man in black is standing by the pregnant woman.

He begins leading the alleged victim away on the road as the man in purple manages to force the accused back across the footpath.

An off-duty policeman and a passer-by intervened to stop the alleged assault. Picture: NSW Police

An off-duty policeman and a passer-by intervened to stop the alleged assault. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:Supplied

NSW Police released the CCTV of the attack and revealed the man in purple who restrained the accused was an off-duty probationary police officer who had been walking past. The pregnant woman was taken to hospital for medical assessment.

Senior Surry Hills Police later praised the actions of the passer-by and intervening police officer.

“The civilian did not hesitate to leap to the rescue of the pregnant woman and we commend his bravery,” Surry Hills Crime Manager, Detective Chief Inspector, Adam Johnson said.

“We would also like to praise the swift response of the probationary constable who saved the woman from further harm.”


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