Aussies urged to shop for best fuel price this long weekend

According to the latest quarterly petrol analysis from, petrol prices around the country reached an average of 144.4 cents per litre during that period.

Finance and household savings expert Rod Attrill said fuel prices might rise ahead of the June long weekend in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, while Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth motorists were seeing prices come down.

“Aussies were paying an average of 144.4cpl at the bowser over the last quarter since March — 8.8cpl more than the January-to-April quarter,” he said.

“Our petrol price analysis reveals that Sydney had the lowest petrol prices across the major capital cities, at 142.4cpl on average, while Brisbane paid the highest at 146.4cpl — 4cpl more.”

Prices are falling across the country, although experts are divided over whether they will rise again over the long weekend. Picture: iStockSource:istock

He said it was often better for motorists to drive a little out of their way to find the best price.

“It’s recommended that savvy motorists shop around and compare prices at both major and smaller fuel retailers to find the most competitive deal, even if it means driving a little further out,” he said.

“We advise motorists to compare fuel prices across a range of retailers as driving a little bit further could save you financially this coming long weekend.

“Fuel comparison services such as allow Aussies to compare prices across a range of stations in their local area.”

The analysis found Sydney prices were at the low end of the cycle and were expected to rise coming into the weekend, while in Melbourne and Canberra, prices were peaking and likely to increase before the weekend.

In Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, motorists are enjoying falling prices, and that is expected to continue over the weekend.

But NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said he expected prices to continue to fall across much of the country as the weekend got underway — and that holding out could lead to greater savings.

“Nationally, prices are falling depending on where you live … the wholesale price of petrol has plummeted, and there is still some way for it to fall still over the next week or so, so certainly the trend is positive,” he said.

At the moment, the average price of regular unleaded fuel in Sydney is 132.3 cents per litre, followed by 134.2 in Brisbane and 138.5 in Adelaide.

In Melbourne it’s 156.9, followed by 154.7 in Hobart, 144.1 in Perth, 145.3 in Darwin and 145.5 in Canberra.

Mr Khoury said Hobart, Darwin and Canberra were always more expensive than other capitals although there was a downward trend overall across the country.

“Oil prices around the world have been falling quite consistently since the Easter and Anzac Day period, and the prices in most capitals, especially Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, are heading to the bottom of the cycle,” he said.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said fuel apps were the best way to bag a bargain. Picture: Chris Pavlich/AAP Image

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said fuel apps were the best way to bag a bargain. Picture: Chris Pavlich/AAP ImageSource:AAP

“Perth and Melbourne are falling but a lot more slowly.

“Since they’re falling, the longer drivers wait to fill up the better, but we also appreciate that a lot of people are travelling some distance, so it’s often the case you will find a better bargain if you fill up before you leave the city.

“If you’re driving from Canberra to Sydney this June long weekend, it is definitely better to fill up outside of Canberra.”

He urged motorists to check the NRMA fuel app to find the best petrol price along their route.

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