Always Be My Maybe features bonkers celeb cameo

REVIEW: Always Be My Maybe

WARNING: Spoilers below

The movie follows childhood friends Sasha (Ali Wong) and Macus (Randall Park) as they fall out as teens, reconnect as adults and eventually fall in love.

The movie follows the romance of childhood pals Sasha and Marcus.Source:Supplied

Like every respectable rom-com, there are obstacles standing in the way of their eventual happily ever after — and in this case, it’s Keanu Reeves.

The actor makes his entrance about halfway through the movie as Sasha’s short-lived new boyfriend. The catch? He plays an exaggerated version of himself — Keanu Reeves, a slick action hero who brags about paying for expensive meals using residuals from the Speed movies and makes Zen statements like “I missed your spirit”.

It’s Keanu — but like you’ve never seen him before.

It’s Keanu — but like you’ve never seen him before.Source:Supplied

He cries and shouts “I’m sorry” to the spirit of the cow before eating meat, and he aggressively rattles off names of Chinese diplomats to show off his knowledge.

He’s a mixture of snooty rich guy and a caricature of the media’s perception of Keanu Reeves as the kind of guy who’s so soulful he makes a speech about the virtues of being mediocre.

Eventually, he makes his exit when he gets jealous of Marcus and Sasha’s relationship. Things take a weird turn when he goads Marcus into punching him while they all enjoy a nightcap in his hotel room.

It’s one of the best celeb cameos we’ve seen recently.

It’s one of the best celeb cameos we’ve seen recently.Source:Supplied

Nevertheless, his goodbye is graceful — he responds to the fight by mildly saying, “Well, this has been an unfortunate turn of events. Let me at least get you an Uber.”

So if you haven’t seen the movie, this is why everyone’s buzzing about Keanu Reeves.

Always Be My Maybe is now streaming on Netflix.

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